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GULIVER is a machine born from the cooperation between a concern with multi-annual experience in the field of industrial automation and a team of experts as regards the techniques of agricultural product collection.

The resulting specific patent indifferently allows collecting olives, coffee, small fruits, etc. in quantities up to 8 times larger than the traditional manual collection.
For constructing GULIVER special care was given to the selection of materials that are of high quality and very light (900 gr.); these features make the machine particularly silent and easily handled.
GULIVER has two counter-rotating arms that are started in contact with the branches of the tree upon control of a special sensor.

GULIVER has a high-performance electric engine allowing the machine to work with a consumption of 1 A.hour at (12V). An electronic card controls frequency stabilization, short-circuit protection and overload restriction. It is supplied with 3,2m-long cable, belt and 12V battery with autonomy of about 7 hours.
Light weight and easy handling allow the collection directly on the tree also in very difficult situations.
A suitable extension rod is supplied for collecting the fruits from the ground.
By applying a special picker, the fruits are directly conveyed to the container. Through this method the nets on the ground are no longer necessary.
Thanks to GULIVER collection isn't a job any more: it's a pleasure. Therefore, HAVE A GOOD TIME.